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Some Facts About Me:

Dewey James

A reliable resource for information systems and technology solutions to business problems.

Experienced Webmaster/ Web Administrator as well as Operations, Digital Marketing, IT and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document Management, Databases, IT Strategy, Organizational Leadership, and Management. Strong program and project management professional completing a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership / Information Systems and Technology degree.

  • Doctoral education
  • 10+ years of experience
  • 50+ successful projects
  • Creative and easy-going
  • Responsible
  • Attentive to details


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Services Include

Full-Service Online Marketing

15% Budget Management Fee
Google Ads| Bing Ads| Facebook Ads| etc.

Full-Service Online Marketing

Let me know what you need.

Local Listings Management

$500 Annually + $100/mo Management Fee

Local Listings Management

Let me know what you need.

Search Engine Optimization

$500/mo with Bi-Weekly Reports/Check-ins

Search Engine Optimization

Let me know what you need.

Website Development

Website Development

Let me know what you need.

Content Development

Content Development

Let me know what you need.

E-Shops Development

Including Inventory Management

E-Shops Development

Let me know what you need.


Why You Should Work With Me


I take pride in my work. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to help you achieve your business goals by building, managing, and improving your digital presence. You can rely on me to satisfy and exceed your expectations.


As a seasoned projects manager, I understand the importance of timelines and deadlines. I work closely with every client to ensure that realistic schedules are made, expectations are managed and deadlines are met. I believe in delivering prompt and quality work.


I’ll help you find the look that best suits your brand. We don’t always know exactly what we want up front, and that’s understandable. Like you and your business, your website and web presence are always evolving, and I’m here to help you implement the ongoing changes required to show your evolving taste and brand.


With a doctoral education in organizational leadership with an emphasis in information systems and technology, a masters in informational systems and a decades experience in IT, web development and project management. My cumulative academic and professional experience has prepared me with the attitude and work ethic to provide quality service to all of those I’m privileged to serve.


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6 Short Steps Towards Rebranding
For Online Success
  • 1. Discussion

  • 2. Planning

  • 3. Design

  • 4. Review

  • 5. Execute

  • 6. Manage & Maintain

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